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The best Gifts for Scuba Divers & Ocean Lovers.

Graphic and photo with gifts for divers

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Graphic and photo with gifts for divers

What to get a mermaid for the upcoming holiday season or a special occasion? Wetsuit, regulator, diving computer, a gift card for a liveaboard trip or dive holiday – there are plenty of thoughtful gifts for scuba diver out there. Unfortunately, most of them come with a hefty price tag or don’t make for a good surprise because scuba gear is super personal and usually needs to be tried and tested first.
Luckily I have got you covered with a selection of scuba gifts and great gift ideas for big and small mermaids to use on the surface or underwater. Best of all – there are great gifts for scuba divers for all budgets on this list of gifts!

Need some stocking stuffers for scuba divers first? Check this post!

My favorite gifts for Scuba diver

For sparkle lovers

LLooking for presents for divers that have a little bling? Check out some beautiful ocean-inspired jewelry – a great gift idea to remember a dive by.

Check out this post for more ocean-themed jewelry.

VANDAYA shark tooth necklace

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Two in the Sun necklaces are beautiful ocean themed jewelry

Check out these pieces at Two in the Sun

Useful gifts for water sports lovers

If you are looking for a practical scuba diver gift, a good idea could be a dive light or dive torch for night dives or cave diving. If you are opting for something a little less pricy, a fun water bottle is a great way to encourage hydration. Choose something light and made from stainless steel which will last a long time, and you can minimize the waste of plastic bottles too.
If your best friend likes to dive in cold water, a fun towel or poncho makes for a cozy gift. Especially the ponchos keep warm and offer an easy way to change on a dive boat.

For big kids

Need to pass the time until your next dive? These scuba gifts are a great idea for big kids only and will bring the underwater world into your living room.

Remember that dive…?

If you are looking for a unique gift for a diver friend or your dive buddy, check out the beautiful maps of your favorite dive site or marine life. They also make for a memorable anniversary gift to commemorate a special holiday or serve as inspiration to plan your next dive trip.

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One piece at a time

I have always been a huge fan of puzzles – the bigger, the better. These ones are great if you can’t go diving but don’t want to be without your favorite marine animals for too long.

Take only pictures, leave only bubbles

Underwater photography is getting more and more popular so if you have a bigger budget a camera is the perfect gift for divers. For the non-professionals, the best and easiest cameras to use are a GoPro or a Paralenz.
If an entire camera isn’t in your budget check out useful dive gadgets like a floating hand grip or red filters. Another great option: the ProShot underwater housing for cell phones. They come in different sizes and you will be able to take pictures with your phone to a depth of 15 m.

For reading mermaids

I love a good book and scuba novels, so much so that I have put all my favorites like Soul of an Octopus together in one post: 10 Books every Diver should read.

If you need a present for a scuba bookworm this year check out these:

Color the sea

Remember when you learned in your Open Water Course that and how colors disappear the deeper you descend? How about adding a little color back into the underwater world? At least on paper, you can do so with these adult coloring books.

Travel Scuba Accessories

Whether you are going on a liveaboard or just packing for your next dive adventure in the local quarry – accessories to travel and dive in style are here! Passport cover, Gone Diving luggage tag and certification cards holder, and the coolest dry bag I have found on the market make perfect gifts for divers.


Beauty & the Sea

Gifts for scuba lovers should also love the ocean – Stream2Sea is the company when it comes to reef-friendly sunscreens and beauty products. Sunscreen stick, travel kit, and back to the 80s – whale shark scrunchies for ocean lovers!

Another awesome gift for a mermaid with long hair is of course a comfy mask strap.

Get 10% off at Stream2Sea when you use code annikaziehen

For the Ocean Lover at home

Want to bring back a piece from the ocean to your home? Check out these amazing gifts that will make you feel like you are sleeping under the sea.

If you do prefer to get dive gear as a gift for a scuba diver in your life, check out this post for equipment for new scuba divers with some of the best gifts you could make. Or some more eco friendly travel products for divers that also help with marine conservation.

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